Charleston’s SpiritLine Cruises hosted a charity harbor tour on Saturday morning to benefit Toys for Tots. With board games, dolls, and action figures in hand, attendees made their way to the Spirit of Carolina at Aquarium Wharf.

News 2’s genial meteorologist Rob Fowler (who we’ve finally gotten used to without his mustache) and a marine in full regalia, along with crew members, greeted guests, who filled several boxes with toys for kids in need. Once on board, the small crowd scattered throughout the large three-story boat.

Despite the chilly breezes, many gathered at the sunny bow as the boat left the docks and made its way along with shoreline toward Fort Sumter. A tour guide’s pre-recorded voice over the speakers provided us with tidbits on the history of the city as we passed a towering cruise ship, Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, and the Battery before turning out toward the fort.

Dolphins were spotted frolicking in various spots as we made our return trip past Sullivan’s Island, Mt. Pleasant, the Yorktown, and the Ravenel Bridge. Fowler made a point of chatting with most guests, saying that the event will definitely be repeated in the future.

Hopefully with more advance planning and promotion, more folks will hear about it next time, more toys can be gathered, and more generous people will have a chance to appreciate the Holy City from a new perspective.