City Paper intern and contributor Melissa Xenakis made her way to the Pour House on Sat. Jan. 26 for a performance by the TR3 (featuring Mick Vaughn is on bass and Dan Martier on drums). She had this to say afterward:

[image-1]“I went to guitarist Tim Reynolds’ show expecting a Dave Matthews cover band, but I was pleasantly surprised to find his band — The TR3 — have their own sound. I don’t think I was the only one discovering their jam-blues style for the first time; the fortysomethings in front of me seemed appalled that they hadn’t played ‘Crash’ by the set break. Reynolds’ reputation clearly preceded him as he drew in a fairly large crowd, and TR3’s songs radiated a mellow vibe that kept the audience grooving. Going along with the stereotypical stoner rock fan base, one fan took it a step further, claiming that he was tripping acid to enhance his experience. Fortunately for me, I still possess the ability to submit myself to the music without the mind-shift that drugs provide. A long time fan of Dave Matthews Band, I was pleased to take in just how different Tim Reynolds could be on his own. TR3 were nothing like I expected, yet they still provided a night of escapism from the real world. TR3 performed so admirably that by the end of the show the crowd was thinking ‘Dave who?'”