This is directed to the gentleman who approached me when I was in my vehicle at a downtown hospital parking garage while I waited for my appointment (I was early. I was in my car reading The Godfather-an almost annaul read since 1972-and you knocked on my window and attempted to get me to accept one of your “Chicks” tracts. You told me that I was “offending God” by reading “filth”. I was polite to you at first but you just would not leave me alone, which is why I rolled my window up on you. While I was at the clinic you had the balls to put that piece of garbage under my wiper. Did you know that tampering with a motor vehicle is a crime?

I hope you read the City Paper because I want you to know that I not only did not read it but I used it to wipe my dipstick with. I would have wiped my ass with it if I could.

People like you are as intolerant as Al-Quaeda, the Taliban, the Nazis, the Stalinists and every other closed minded group.

NEWS FLASH: NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN YOUR 2000 YEAR OLD FAIRY TALE! I do not believe in Hell, but if there is one, it is for people like you.