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Local company offers full-service waste disposal solutions

Most people in the Lowcountry smile when they see the comic and pithy sayings etched into Trash Gurl’s purple dumpsters outside renovation sites in area neighborhoods.

What they probably don’t realize is that Trash Gurl provides a wide variety of commercial services that often are much more affordable than those offered by bigger companies.

“Lots of commercial businesses assume they have to deal with big companies and long contracts because they don’t know any better,” said Melissa Polutta, owner of Trash Gurl

She loves the company’s name and wants people to remember her as the Trash Gurl who can customize services for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

“We treat our customers like they are members of our family.  We don’t have a big call center or frustrating layers of bureaucracy. When you call Trash Gurl, you probably will get me on the phone.”

But maybe not. Her son Styles, who handles commercial accounts involving front-end dumpsters and develops creative waste disposal solutions for area events, might pick up the phone.  

Or it could be Melissa’s husband Jeff, who runs a lot of the office operations or his daughter Sydney Blackwood. Jeff Polutta also owns Prestige Heating and Air Company in Goose Creek. 

“We’re a small company and everybody wears a lot of hats,” he said of Trash Gurl, which employs more than 50 people.”  

Jeff (left) and Melissa Polutta
Melissa’s husband Jeff writes down his ideas for sayings to decorate the Trash Gurl containers

Jeff also comes up with the creative phrases often seen on Trash Gurl’s distinctive purple containers. Some that you might see in the months ahead include:

  • “Thinking is hard work. That’s why few people do it.”
  • “If you’re going to fall, fall forward.”
  • “In a world you can be anything, be kind.”

Commercial services

Trash Gurl can save time, money and headaches for a restaurant or business that requires commercial waste management service.

“If you think you’re paying too much for commercial waste disposal services, you probably are. Call us and find out if we can save you money – and provide you with better service,” Melissa said. Among Trash Gurl’s popular services are:

Customized waste management solutions. Commercial and industrial clients say they appreciate our daily and weekly waste disposal solutions.

Septic and gray water services. Trash Gurl works with clients to provide septic and pumping services for RV campers and hook septic holding tanks to construction trailers and campers. Also consider Trash Gurl for all of your gray water needs.

Polutta runs the dispatch for Trash Gurl

Sludge containers. Rentals of our sludge containers are priced affordably based on a number of factors, including availability and the delivery location. Note: Not everything can go into sludge containers, per state law. You can dispose of soil, grease sludge, grit, lagoon sludge and fly ash in sludge containers. Or you can rent frac tanks and vacuum boxes to suit your business needs.

Hazardous materials. TrashGurl helps companies transport hazardous materials, including toxic materials, metal materials and industrial waste in compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

Don’t forget our outstanding residential and other services

Junk haul-away. Trash Gurl can remove junk in residential and commercial spaces. Fill your dumpster, and we’ll haul it away. Dumpsters of various sizes can be rented for short periods of time or for longer spells. These dumpsters stay at a location for the duration of the rental period and are not taken away for emptying. But they can be picked up as often as you want, at a frequency that suits your needs.

Portable restrooms. The company’s standard units are ideal for sporting events or other places where outdoor or additional restroom facilities are needed. They’re also a good solution when a disaster or emergency causes the temporary loss of use of facilities in a home or commercial space. Trash Gurl’s portalets are in excellent condition and are some of the largest in the industry. Each portalet has a translucent roof for lighting, outside occupancy indicator, interior lock and interior shelf.  Each can come fully stocked with paper products or other amenities.

Specialized restrooms. In addition to standard portable restrooms, Trash Gurl has specialized portalets to accommodate your residential or other needs. The company also offers flushable wedding potties, each with a sink and mirror, as well as college-themed porta-potties for sporting events. Trash Gurl also has wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms.

Portable hand-washing stations. These units complement portable restrooms and are perfect for weddings, parties, sporting events, festivals, concerts and other outdoor events.

Trash Gurl makes trash look GUD!

Want to know more?  Get a quote today. Call Trash Gurl for any of your waste management needs.  

“We’ll be able to help – and save you money!” Melissa Polutta said.

Trash Gurl offers waste management from Charleston and North Charleston to a wide range of locations throughout the Lowcountry, including Summerville, Moncks Corner, Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant and more.

  • Read more about Trash Gurl in the Charleston City Paper here.

Online:  |  Phone: 843.552.1880

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