[image-1]For anyone in Charleston still not yet in a coma from what my colleague Paul Bowers calls “ranking fatigue” here’s another one to add to the list.

According to the website Travel + Leisure, the Holy City is the 7th best city for hipsters in America. Why?

Let’s just go straight to the click bait:

This genteel city sashayed into the hipster top 10 for walking the line between old-fashioned and old-school. King Street is a reliable hotbed for antiques and design shopping, and in the area around Upper High King, you can kick back at High Wire Distilling (which makes small-batch rums, gins, and whiskeys) or Bay Street Biergarten, which offers craft beers and a Bavarian menu inside a rehabbed train depot. Don’t let their polite agreeability fool you, however: these South Carolina locals also scored well for being plenty smart.

So, there you have it.


[Editor’s note: if you’d like to read more about hipsters in Charleston, my colleague Paul Bowers, a self-described “skinny-jeans-wearing, Pitchfork-reading, banjo-playing writer for an alt-weekly newspaper” examined new sincerity and the redemption of hipsterdom for the magazine Patrol back in February.]