Photo by Sirena White Singleton/Aneris Photography

 Tahitian Treat and Bradford Watermelon Wheat are just two of the concept beers you will see coming out of this rising star in the brewing community this year. Meet April Dove, also known as the Traveling Hoptista. She’s taking the Charleston brewing community by storm with an approach not yet seen. Dove is not creating a brewery. She’s creating an experience. She’s creating an education. She’s creating a movement. 

“The black community isn’t comfortable walking into a brewery and ordering a beer. But why? Well, there’s several reasons. And I want to change that through awareness and education,” Dove said. “I believe there’s a beer for everybody.”

After a trip to Stuttgart, Germany, and spending some time in the Northeast, Dove decided to invest in furthering her education in beer. After attending American Brewer’s Guild in Vermont, Dove completed an eight-week internship at Rusty Bull Brewing Company in North Charleston, followed by an apprenticeship at LowTide Brewing to further solidify her presence in the Charleston brewing community. Why is this so important? She was the first black woman to do it. 

Tha CommUnity

So what is next for Dove? Well, here comes why she’s different. Dove has created the label Tha CommUnity, a multi-brew initiative in which she will create collaboration brews with various breweries for draft and can sales. Eventually, Tha CommUnity will be a taproom, featuring these collaborations, where Dove will continue to educate and spread the brewing industry with the black community. 

In October 2021, Dove created her first canned product, an American lager, which almost sold out at the launch party at Holy City Brewing Company in Park Circle. The rebrew can be found currently on shelves and in draft at Holy City. 

You can also find April Dove on March 3 at the Charleston Food and Wine Festival event called Craft for the Culture. More:

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