Charleston musician Travis Macdaniel knows how to put on a show. Through his entertainment agency Confidential Bass Affair, a company that manages, books, and promotes DJs, bands, and electronic artists, he’s established himself as one of the top proponents of electronic music in the region — thanks in part to his roster of Bitch Please, Ill Delusion, Intermixture, Landsquid, and Pericles.

Macdaniel started producing shows and working with bands and DJs 10 years ago while living in Wilmington, N.C. He organized a big event last May called BASSBash with visiting act Eprom and a full bill of local performers. Macdaniel also oversaw the production of the Pretty Lights concert at Patriots Point last Halloween.

“I also tour manage a few acts, which opens up a lot of opportunities around the country,” says Macdaniel. “It allows me to reach out and connect. It’s awesome to be part of this big community. It’s cool how little things add up, like little building blocks. Shows come together, things get easier, and it’s always a lot of fun.”

The company also presents one of its biggest events of the year at the Music Farm this weekend. Billed as Meltdown Massacre 3, the eclectic lineup features NastyNasty, Intermixture, Bitch Please, Wick-It the Instigator, Illy Walsh, and Skitch.

“The overall vibe of the room and the flow of things play into the success of these events,” Macdaniel says. “This event has the same sort of concept to the previous Meltdown Massacre shows, but the game plan is a little bit bigger.”

Headliner NastyNasty, an Oakland, Calif.-based producer known for his breaks and skills with dubstep, headlined Confidential Bass Affair’s Winter Masquerade Ball at the Music Farm in January. He returns with a set of dark, spacey, oscillating originals and remixes.

Intermixture, guided by musician/producer Marc Fennessy, lives up to its name with a wild blend of sampled audio clips, electronic funk, and ambiance. Atlanta-based producer Charles F. Moreland is the bespectacled mastermind behind Bitch Please, a bass-driven joyride blending Top 40 with elements of hip-hop, modern R&B, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, and house. Wick-It the Instigator is an electronic DJ/producer/mash-up artist from Nashville with a reputation for creating original remixes that pull from everything from 1950s rock to ’70s cinema and contemporary hip-hop.

Local musician, producer, and turntablist Illy Walsh scratches and mixes from an arsenal of original tracks. Charleston-based deejay Skitch is a breakbeat champ and expert turntablist with a dynamic on-stage style.

“I’ve been able to do more events and meet more people over the last year,” Macdaniel says. “Plus, the electronic scene has grown over the past couple of years. It took a lot of energy to get that, but it’s there now, and there’s a whole new group of people getting on board, too.”

As always, Confidential Bass Affair presents the showcase as a multimedia event with intelligent lighting, visuals, audio support, and photography.

“We have a lot of little complications along the way that need to be ironed out,” says Macdaniel. “And there’s the promotion, the act of trying to get people there. We’re always trying to push and draw new audiences. A lot of people don’t really know what this is, which can be frustrating. But, honestly, it only takes one good show to get them hooked. Then they’re more open to it.”