Triangle Char and Bar, one of West Ashley’s most popular hangouts, has announced an expansion. They’ll be opening a second location in Mt. Pleasant at 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd., replicating all of the things that make the West Ashley restaurant so lovable: open-air dining, grassfed burgers, craft beers on tap, and a big Sunday brunch with lots of hangover-curing mimosas.

The new space will have six roll-up garage doors, a big patio, and graffittied walls. The expansion is a testament to the solid concept (and food) behind Triangle. When Triangle first opened in 2006, they weregoing for a steakhouse vibe, but the food was missing the mark, and they struggled to get it right. Enter the grassfed burger concept, a simple focus with great results, and Triangle found its sweet spot. A spot so sweet that it’s worth exporting to Mt. P. Owners Skipper Condon and Scott Long expect the new restaurant to be open by early June.