As if savoring food prepared by an award-winning chef is not self-serving enough, Tristan meshed the delights of delicious beverages and aesthetically stimulating art into a party of sheer indulgence for its first You Only Live Once event Sunday.

The Tristan crew highlighted select artwork from neighboring Martin Gallery, fashions from Beba Luxe, and a performance sponsored by Robert Ivey Ballet. Acrylics by Joan Dumouchel and slides from Ben Timpson hung on the walls, showcased by soft, multi-colored lights that added to the cosmopolitan vibe.

The best part of the night was a performance by dancers Lindsay Funderburk and Jon-Michael Perry. The duo completed a captivating dance filled with incredible lifts and feats of flexibility.

Despite the partially open bar, which included a ginger-infused play on sweet tea vodka, the air seemed stiff. It was hard to tell whether it was the looming Monday workload, or the narcissistic theme that kept guests focused on themselves. Another possibility could be the scant hors d’oeuvres that left guests with low blood sugar levels.

Nonetheless, I left with an ego larger than when I came, perhaps due to the wonderful break from fulfilling other people’s whims and concentrating on my own enjoyment.

See more pictures from the party here.