Popsicles aren’t just child’s play anymore. The frozen treats that bring children running to the freezer after a hot day of play should have adults sprinting to Tristan after a long day of work.

Bar manager Ken Maciejewski has been experimenting with freezing classic cocktails and has invented a few flavors of his own. The result is an ice cub tray’s worth of fantastically delicious and inventive cocktail popsicles. From strawberry limoncello to a frozen dark and stormy, Maciejewski has a number of different flavors prepared for Friday night. The blackberry sparkler, with champagne, lemon, blackberry vodka, blackberry and raspberry purée, and basil, provides a complex taste of summer. A bit more to the point, the pineapple, orange, jalapeño, and tequila popsicle will wake you up before you head out for the night.

Served in small ($1) and larger ($3) sized popsicles, around four flavors will be served each week, with a constant flow of new creations hitting the freezer. The popsicles will be part of a cocktail menu with aggressive new prices. With $3 well (Smirnoff is a well liquor here), $4 call, and $5 premium liquor all day, it’s safe to say Tristan’s new prices will compete with many local happy hours. But the popsicles should be reason enough to take the few extra steps off Market Street.