Bad drivers are almost too easy to bitch about, but after driving over 600 miles this weekend, I must let my hatred spew forth. Tailgators. If you ride my ass when I am traveling well above the speed limit and passing other people, I will slow down just enough to block you in completely. Dumbfucks who have stickers on their cars that insult certain brands of cars while raving about the superiority of others (“I’d rather push my Chevy than drive a Ford”), you might as well slap a sticker on there that says “I’m an ignorant inbred with nothing more important to stand for than which brand of identical American car is better.” Truckers who stare, I’m tempted to place a prosthetic penis between my legs to show you and thus scare the shit out of you. People who smoke in their cars with the windows rolled up, you are foul and disgusting. You make me gag.