Last night, the crew from Xiao Bao Biscuit let fans have tastes of new dishes it’s in the process of developing for their upcoming restaurant Tu, set for 430 Meeting Street.

There’s been a lot of chatter about what kind of fare we can expect at Tu, with the only indication until last night being that it would not be Asian-influenced. But Sunday’s ticketed dinner showed us that’s not exactly true and gave us a little better insight. In true XBB fashion, it’s hard to peg Tu’s initial plates to any particular culinary inspiration.[image-2]From the meal’s amuse, a ‘tamago style egg,’ to the finishing dessert, a deceiving bowl of shaved ice and lemon custard, we got a peek at several surprising dishes that will make an impression if later iterations end up on tables at Tu.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we tasted:

Tamago – An early tease of a warm egg topped with cool caviar and diced chives.
[embed-1] Melon – A worthy first course that presented sharp dill and yogurt flavors with crunchy legumes and rye grains.

Potato – Shredded to hashbrown consistency and cooked to an almost-silky center and lightly crusty exterior.
[image-1]Broccoli – A spicy dish of shredded broccoli cooked down to imitate pasta, served with a huge, decadent slice of garlic bread. [image-3]Pozole – Sneaky-hot pozole filling a fried masa croquette-like roll. Whoa. [image-4]Shaved ice – Airy shaved ice piled over lemon posset hiding candied rose petals.

On Instagram, Tu says to expect another preview dinner in the coming weeks. Wine pairings in full or half pours were offered as well. Co-owner Joey Ryan told visitors Sunday that his team was working toward an August opening.