Agent Orange
w/ Skatter Brainz, Hearts on Fire, Drunk Couples
Tues. Aug 23
8 p.m.
The Sparrow

Orange County, Fla. punk-rockers of Agent Orange have been around for a while now. However, that’s a good thing in the world of the punk — it means you’re one of the classics, man.

In a genre that intrinsically lends itself to blending with other genres and sounds (perhaps against some punk purists’ wishes), Agent Orange is heralded as one of the first groups to combine the sounds of surf with punk rock. Their 1980 breakout hit “Bloodstains” is just as frantic and jaded as any other punk anthem, but it captures the duality of suicidal recklessness in a sunny, surf/skate-oriented city.

With no-nonsense power-chords and chanted lyrics such as “Bloodstains, speed kills / Fast cars, cheap thrills,” the band’s hit single is just as much a testament to the punk sound of The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and Black Flag as it is a precursor for future surf and skate-punk acts like FIDLAR or even early Blink-182.

Alongside Agent Orange are fellow FL punks Skatter Brainz, promising to bring some gritty, hardcore skate punk. Also backing up the Sunshine State rockers are Charleston’s own punk outfit Hearts on Fire as well as local party punksters Drunk Couples.

Update: Tickets to this show are only sold out online. Tickets are available at the venue.