[image-1]CLASSIC REGGAE | The Wailers Reunited Featuring Al Anderson & Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett
Tues. Aug. 30
9 p.m.
Music Farm

When he started out as a singles-artist on the Jamaican music scene, Bob Marley was part of a trio with Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh called the Wailers, but as time went on and Marley’s obvious star power began to overpower the group, Livingston (a.k.a. Bunny Wailer) and Tosh moved on.

The new version of the Wailers is the band most people will remember, creating that distinctive easy-skankin’ riddim behind Marley’s mid-to-late ’70s classic reggae albums like Natty Dread, Survival, and Uprising.

Guitarist Al Anderson and drummer Aston “Family Man” Barrett were part of that backing group and a vital part of Marley’s sound. Anderson’s stinging lead guitar and percussive rhythm playing provided some of the most recognizable riffs and licks in reggae history, and Barrett’s laid-back, in-the-pocket bass-playing style was a hallmark of Marley’s sound. It’s fitting, then, that both men have reunited their separate versions of the Wailers to keep the spirit of Marley’s classics alive.