From this week’s Music Board pages:

Tulsa @ The Map Room, Thurs. Oct. 11

[image-1]Haunting. Like dozing off in a car on I-95 and coming to a half mile down the road. Like finding a crutch on your front porch with a note attached to it saying, “Snitch.” Like receiving a set of Polaroids of you doing a line of coke off the bare belly of a former state official, and you don’t remember a lick of it. That’s what “Breath Thin,” the first track on Boston-based Tulsa’s latest EP I Was Submerged is like. The track has a real Black Francis-meets-Black Heart Procession dead western dirge sound. Now, the rest of I Was Submerged isn’t as lost-in-the-woods-alone spooky as “Breath,” — “#2” comes close — and that’s quite all right. The remaining six tracks have an alt-country psychedelic feel that would be right at home on a My Morning Jacket disc. This week Tulsa are joined by local bands Fifths and The Artichokes. —Chris Haire