Look, it’s as simple as this: When you go off to war, to face down your enemies in battle, you put on facepaint and act like Mel Gibson 17-hours into a three-day bender; you don’t go on Facebook and whine.

But that’s what Carroll “Tumpy” Campbell has done.

See, way back when, lobbyist Campbell decided he was going to challenge Henry Brown for the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District race. It was a bold move, one that might have worked. Brown was old and had been kinda, sorta, OK, really not, nearly beaten by Democrat Linda Ketner in 2008.

However, as you know, Brown has announced that he will step down in 2010. He’s not running.

And following the announcement, a whole messload of challengers jumped into the race for the GOP 1st D nom, including Charleston County Councilman Paul Thurmond. It’s also been rumored that Gov. Mark Sanford may even seek the seat, a post he previously held. (Don’t scoff: It’s possible.)

Well, now, apparently Tumpy is getting a little worried about this influx of competition. And rightfully so: in the nepotistic-friendly world of politics, Paul Thurmond, the son of the late, great Strom, has been elected to public office, while Tumpy has not. (Note to the sons and daughters of big-time politicos: Let your first entrance into public office be a small step not a giant leap. Your last name will only get you so far. For example: Thomas Ravenel for the U.S. Senate in 2004? Not a good idea. Thomas Ravenel for state treasurer in 2006? Victory … although still not a good idea.)

Now, with Thurmond and the others in the race, it seems that Tumpy is aware that his chances are lessening. At least judging by a recent Facebook (and Twitter post):

We don’t need a costly primary that will only increase the Democrat’s interest in stealing this seat. Since Day 1, our mission has been to hold this seat for our party.

In the following post, he begs for your money:

We need your support now to put the final pieces in place and ensure our First Place in the primary. Please go to www.CarrollCampbell.com and make a contribution today.

Yeah, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly exude confidence, now does it?