It was a cold, moonlit midnight that saw the Charleston premiere of the fourth Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which is, for all you non-fans out there, the eagerly-awaited installment in which Bella and Edward FINALLY get it on. (Because they just got teen-married … You have to ignore the damper that puts on everything.)

Cinebarre, which hosted the midnight movie madness, pulled out all the stops for the event: there were free glow-in-the-dark fangs, a huge blow-up movie screen that undulated eerily with the frigid breeze, food and drinks, and several spooky-ish booths, including a fortune teller who stayed fairly busy with curious clients, and the Back Row Productions cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Though I saw nary a Team Edward/Team Jacob T-shirt — no doubt they were covered up by scarves, coats, and blankets — the mood was upbeat and the energy going strong as we waited for everyone’s favorite vampire to make his entrance. His entrance in the new movie, that is — the DVD game Scene It? was playing for at least the first hour before the movie began, so there was no shortage of glimpses of Edward’s pretty face. Attendees were huddled up close to stay warm, but they came prepared. One group brought a huge air mattress, while others lounged in long beach chairs, swaddled in all manner of winter accoutrements.

As for the movie, well, this isn’t a movie review. I will say that the uncanny lack of adolescent girl screams had nothing to do with a diminishment in vampire and werewolf hotness, and more to do with the total ridiculousness happening on-screen. But hey — at least the build-up was fun.