Dan Hanf and Jessika Stocker, former Theatre 99 company members, are a couple who do comedy together. And believe it or not, it doesn’t cause them any strife — calling from a chilly NYC apartment in early January the pair tell us that their show is a lot of “bits we came up with to make each other laugh.” Cute, right?

Bangin’ isn’t all heart eyes and sweet nothings, though, as Hanf and Stocker also promise to present “raunchy sketches that will leave you saying, ‘I will propose to my significant other tomorrow.'” Hot.

Hanf and Stocker describe Bangin’ as a variety show, where Hanf sings and Stocker performs a monologue, to name a few elements. “There are a lot of themes of miscommunication,” says Hanf. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that communication is a big ol’ problem for most people, and Hanf and Stocker home in on that, finding those holes between what people say, and what they mean.

“We look to classic comedy and old sitcoms,” says Hanf. “There’s a lot of stuff missing from contemporary comedy. We like the Golden Girls and Cheers insult-style comedy. Those shows relied on a lot of really creative writing.” Hanf and Stocker are kind of over what they call today’s “Judd Apatow world,” and they look to incorporate more wordplay, creative sentence structures, and even physical bits.

And if you need any more convincing, Hanf and Stocker are here to provide their show’s biggest endorsement, “Both of our parents love it.”

Alchemy Comedy Theater Tourco:

Hailing from the upstate, Alchemy Comedy Theater has been bringing the laughs to Greenville since 2011. The theater pumps out weekly improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy shows featuring special guests each week. And lucky for us they’ve got a touring ensemble that brings a fast-paced production to the CCF.

The reason this show can keep the speed? Quite simply, they trust each other, and have been making each other — and audiences — laugh for a while now. The premise for an Alchemy touring show is pretty simple — the group begins with a story based on suggestions from the audience, changing and developing the conversation as the performance builds. It’s like a normal convo, right? But actually worth listening to.

Last year Harrison Brookie told City Paper, “This team has done over 250 shows together so we know the ideas and strategies we might take onstage. It’s almost like a second language.”

Melting Pot

It’s just what it sounds like — a melting pot (think fondue with some funky cheese and soft bread or maybe even chocolate and strawberries, mmmm) of fun featuring improvisers from all over the country. This is a one time event so get it while the gettin’s good.