Sporting coordinated seersucker suits, slicked-back hair, and bowties that would make Charleston’s finest proud, the Two Man Gentlemen Band graced Eye Level Art with their presence on Friday night. Singer/banjoist Andy Bean and singer/bassist Fuller “Councilman” Condon took their Manhattan-based ’60s-inspired folk parody act to the Lowcountry’s underground scene, debuting new raunchy and catchy tunes like the crowd favorite “Tikki Masala.” “If you don’t like this song, then you’re probably racist,” Bean joked.

The band got the audience laughing, tapping their toes, and clapping in rhythm with their comically inappropriate ditties disguised in upbeat, seemingly innocent melodies. “Prescription Drugs (We’re Having a Party!)” got attendees, from teenagers and young adults to senior citizens, swing dancing and jiving. They raised hell with their odes to drunkenness, mischief, and, of course, the reefer, while slower tunes offered reflections on heartache and solitude.

A “greased lightning” version of Flight of the Conchords, this group electrified the humid evening with their witty banter, announcing Councilman’s recent move to the area. “My good friend here, the Councilman, is a new resident of Charleston,” Bean said, amidst cheers from the crowd. “So give him a shout after the show to hang out, because he needs some friends. We promise you don’t have to pay to see him every time.”