[image-1] OK, so it looks like Kanye West was in Charleston over the weekend. Hat tip to Holy City Sinner for sniffing out the initial reports.

There’s no official word on why Yeezy was in town, but we can try to connect a few dots…

April 13: Kanye reactivated his Twitter account. For a few days the musician unleashed a disconnected string of tweets; several having to do with shifting perception and “consciousness,” particularly relating to consumerism. The Kardashian spouse announces that he’ll release a new solo album June 1.[embed-1] [embed-2] May 1: Kanye shows up at the TMZ newsroom, as one does, for a seemingly impromptu set of interviews which included him saying that African slavery in the Americas “sounds like a choice” and professed his admiration for President Donald Trump.

Also: Moncks Corner native Charlamagne tha God, host of the nationally-broadcast Breakfast Club radio show, drops an extended interview with Kanye that clocks in at nearly two hours. (Read the full transcript.)

May 12: Social media posts say that Kanye was spotted in Charleston, dining at Tu with adopted Charlestonian, actor, and film producer Danny McBride. The single photo of the report shows Kanye on the piazza of the repurposed single house with three women wearing a sweatshirt that reads “consciousness” in a mirror image, including what appear to be two black power symbols. We can’t seem to find the same sweatshirt available anywhere else online. If you’ve seen it, let us know in the comments.

If Kanye was looking for some altered reality dining experience, Tu may have been the right place since our critic left with notes implying “induced hallucinations of some sort.” [location-1]