Unbound Dance Company is capturing a new movement in dance. The Columbia-based fledgling troupe, directed by Caroline Lewis-Jones and Susan Dabney, has a style that can best be described as an amalgamation of jazz, ballet, and contemporary. The goal of the company, the directors say, can be summed up in their name.

Without the confines of a sole genre, the dancers have an increased artistic freedom, which allows them an open platform for self-expression. The lack of restraint especially lets the movements demonstrate a deeper sensuality. They also have the opportunity to be more innovative.

“They say their company is very free, very driving, and very inventive,” says Robert Ivey, who invited the company to perform in the Dance at Noon series. The Charleston dance legend saw a unique flair in the young ensemble. “They’re not going to be traditional at all.”

The company has only been working together for a short time. The two South Carolina natives founded Unbound in 2008 after discussing this new vision of a company. They have coordinated a core cast of 10 members, including eight women and two men. The dancers are richly diverse in their backgrounds. The common bond however, is clear. Each member lives and breathes dance.