Well, that didn’t take long.

Gov. Nikki Haley is headed to court for claiming the state will seek to prevent employees from forming a union, according to the Associated Press. It turns out state leaders should be a little more subdued in their contempt. The lawsuit by the International Association of Machinists is requesting an injunction preventing Haley from blocking a union.

In December, Haley announced she was selecting Catherine Templeton to serve as her cabinet secretary for Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. Haley made it clear that she was looking to block Boeing employees from forming a union.

“We’re going to fight the unions and I needed a partner to help me do it,” Haley said of Templeton. “She’s the right person to help me do it.”

Templeton was much more cautious with her own comments when asked about fighting a union effort.

“In my experience I have found that there is not one company that operates more efficiently when you put another layer of bureaucracy in,” she said. “We will do everything we can to work with Boeing and make sure their workforce is taken car, that they run efficiently, and that we don’t add anything unnecessarily.”

As a 16 year old kid in his first job, I was offered a chance to join a grocery store union. They told me the dues were roughly the price of a cheeseburger. I told them I’d rather have my cheeseburger. That said, the choice should probably be up to the employee, not the governor.