We all thought that Army Wives would be safe after the South Carolina legislature reinstated the state’s film incentives. But apparently, there are other factors at play in the fate of the Lifetime drama, and so far, the network has not greenlit the program for another season.

The cast won’t know for sure until mid-September, but Unit Production Manager and Co-Producer Barbara D’Alessandro assures the City Paper that everyone is optimistic. “We did great in the ratings, there’s just a lot of other factors involved, and I think it’s just going to take a lot of time to sort everything out,” she adds.

Chandler Hayes from ABC says they’re just waiting to get the word from Lifetime, but that the show is currently receiving its highest ratings ever, and the show’s spin-off episode was the highest rated of the season. “I would think it would be unlikely that they wouldn’t renew it, but I hate to speculate like that,” he says. “I’m very optimistic.” He also adds that the crew loves Charleston.