The Board of Elections & Voter Registration has released its unofficial results for yesterday’s municipal elections. Joseph P. Riley Jr. and Keith Summey will keep their respective positions as mayors of Charleston and North Charleston. Riley has said that this will be his final term, rounding out his mayoral career at a full four decades.

The election for the District 11 seat on Charleston City Council was a particularly close one, with no candidate receiving a simple majority of at least half of the votes. Under South Carolina election law, the two candidates with the most votes must compete in a runoff when there is no simple majority. The unofficial results show Bill Moody and Laura Dukes Beck in first and second place ahead of the third contender, Andy Brack.

BEVR Executive Director Joseph Debney says any runoff elections will be announced tomorrow when the City of Charleston’s municipal election commission certifies the results.

184 of 186 precincts had been counted at the time the results were released. To find results for your precinct, click here.

Mayor of Charleston

Joseph P. Riley Jr.: 10,663 (67.52%)

William Dudley Gregorie: 4,202 (26.61%)

David A. Farrow: 474 (3.00%)

Craig Jelks: 280 (1.77%)

Joshua R. Kennedy: 151 (0.96%)

Write-In: 22 (0.14%)

Mayor of North Charleston

Keith Summey: 6,108 (77.76%)

Chris Collins: 1,718 (21.87%)

Write-In: 29 (0.37%)

Charleston City Council, District 3

James Lewis Jr.: 916 (53.50%)

Wilmot A. Fraser: 562 (32.83%)

Bob Thompson: 99 (5.78%)

Willard J. Sheppard: 70 (4.09%)

Luqman S. Rasheed: 55 (3.21%)

Write-In: 10 (0.58%)

Charleston City Council, District 5

Marvin D. Wagner: 491 (58.80%)

Michael Ray Mack: 339 (40.60%)

Write-In: 5 (0.60%)

Charleston City Council, District 7

Keith Waring: 817 (84.49%)

Robert B. O’Brien: 143 (14.79%)

Write-In: 7 (0.72%)

Charleston City Council, District 9

Aubry Alexander: 1,349 (83.22%)

Bob Aubin: 257 (15.85%)

Write-In: 15 (0.93%)

Charleston City Council, District 11

Bill Moody: 915 (43.39%)

Laura Dukes Beck: 657 (31.15%)

Andy Brack: 533 (25.27%)

Write-In: 4 (0.19%)

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