4365/1240076242-3447053885_edc7ed7f4e_resized.jpgHere’s the unofficial results for this week’s survey. Go ahead and take the full survey to see all of the possible answers. New survey on Sunday.

1. This week’s Family Circle Cup tennis tournament has been advertised with billboards that turn derogatory comments on their heads, with things like, “Yeah, I Hit Like A Girl.” Who is the next group of women to use this clever ad theme?
B. The 63rd Annual Cafeteria Ladies convention ad reads, “Yes, we do belong in the kitchen.”

2. Tax Day is Wednesday. What kind of excuse will you try to give the IRS for filing late?
A. I gave at the office.

3. This weekend, we saw the first advertisement for the 4G cell phone. We still don’t know what the 3G cell phone was for. Exactly what is it that this new technology does?
B. Gives you a five-second warning before cutting off your phone ca….

4. Those blooming flowers this week and that fresh coat of yellow on the car has our mind on the pollen and allergies. What’s good about sneezing fits?
C. If it hits at just the right moment, it makes a sick day an easy sale with the boss.