Philosopher and Charleston family law attorney Gregory Forman asks what marriage and society would look like if people really expected when they took their vows to be married for the rest of their lives.

As someone who makes a living helping people end their marriages, I’ve never
decided whether it’s hypocritical or merely ironic that my wife and I work so
hard on our good-not-perfect marriage. Were I dictator of South Carolina I
would make it much easier to get a divorce when there are no children and much
harder when there were children under eighteen. Yet I sometimes wonder if the
folks sitting across my desk have simply given up on their marriage too

Do couples approach their wedding ceremony with the expectation that their
marriage will really last until “death do you part”? Is this commitment that
marriage lasts until death a goal folks take too lightly, like a New Year’s
resolution forgotten by mid-January? What might a culture look like if folks
really expected their marriage to be a life sentence?

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