The first we heard of a restaurant called Falyn’s On Forty-One was back in Oct. 2012. In an interview with CP reviewer Eric Doksa, Chef Brannon Florie — who had just announced his departure from 17 North Roadside Kitchen at the time — told us his plans to open the restaurant:  

“The new restaurant will be called Falyn’s On Forty-One, or FOFO. Though we can’t pinpoint the exact location yet, we can speculate that it will be on Highway 41, which might make the new spot more accessible than 17 North Roadside Kitchen.”

Flash forward to 2014 and, according to Facebook, the restaurant (1055 Hwy. 41 Ste. 600, Mt Pleasant) appears to be finally coming to fruition. But as to whether it’s still named Falyn’s On Forty-One or just On Forty-One is confusing. There are not one, but two Facebook pages seemingly connected, while a Twitter handle and website simply read On Forty-One.

That said, a Sept. 18 post from Falyn’s On Forty-One’s Facebook page suggests that the space will open mid to late October. Eager for details, we’ve been attempting to get official word from the restaurant since we saw the post go up. So far the team has been pretty mum, but a Twitter message tells us, “We are still ironing out some issues with permits and such, but will let you know when we do have solid information regarding opening.”

Here’s what we do know. According to the website, Florie will be executive chef. And the menu, also posted online, appears to lean heavily Lowcountry with items like chicken livers, hushpuppies, braised beef brisket, and pork chops. If the website is to be believed, the restaurant will also serve brunch and be kid friendly. And the photos of the dishes, such as a beautiful bowl of risotto topped with an egg yolk and hazlenut, look very promising. 


On Forty-One reports via Facebook today that they’ve consolidated their Facebook pages and are now only using only On Forty One … which leads us to believe believe that will be the official name of the restaurant.

The post also says that On Forty-One will open on Sun. Nov. 2. A call to the restaurant and Florie to confirm this news has not yet to be returned.