Here’s the news. A report from the Greenville Sheriff’s Office suggests it may have been an argument over a pool game. Former Greenville resident Chris Haire tells me he’s not sure its a gay bar.

I looked up the bar, Crocs, on the web, and it appears to be your average hole in the wall sports bar. That’s not to say it isn’t frequented by us ‘mos. Only that it doesn’t appear to be a wear-it-on-your-sleeve gay bar:

Four men are recovering from serious stab wounds following an attack outside a Greenville gay bar where a man was attacked and died last May.

men are facing a number of charges from assault and battery to intent to kill in the most recent attack. Police say they don’t know what sparked the incident and are continuing to investigate.

Several weapons have been recovered. Additional charges could be added, a police spokesperson said.