You’ve probably read that Gov. Mark Sanford has put his Sullivan’s Island beachfront home (actually in his wife’s name) up for sale. Says he needs to scale down now that his kids are heading off to college. The Gov and the First Lady don’t need six bedrooms and five baths anymore.

The asking price is $3.5 million, probably $1.4 million over market value, according to a friend and Sullivan’s Island resident who follows these things. He speculates that Sanford may have a buyer lined up, who will gladly pay the full price to help Sanford finance his political ambitions. Maybe so, maybe no. It will be interesting to see who the next resident at 1725 Atlantic Avenue will be.

And speaking of the Guv and political ambitions, Sanford may be scoring points with the national Republican Party by refusing federal stimulus money for South Carolina, but he has shot himself in the butt with the home state crowd. According to a poll just conducted for the S.C. Senate Democratic Caucus, Sanford’s favorable rating now stands at 40 percent; his unfavorable numbers are 53 percent. Thirty-seven percent of those polled agree with Sanford’s refusal to take President Obama’s stimulus money; 53 percent disagree.

In fact, President Obama polls more favorably than Sanford in this most conservative of states, with a 49 percent approval rating, according to the poll, conducted by Crantford & Associates. That should give Sanford something to think about as he sets his sights on a 2012 presidential bid. If he can’t beat Obama in his home state, what chance does he have in the other 49?