In wrapping up reporting today, I realize that posting has gotten a little heavy and I don’t expect it to decrease. So look for a daily wrap of tidbits that may not quite be worth their weight for a full post.

  1. Barack Obama’s campaign will be hosting a primary night watch party at the President Street campaign office starting at 7:30 p.m.
  2. Fred Thompson has packed his bags and is heading back to South Carolina where he can finally get a decent glass of sweet tea. He’ll be helming an 11-day tour of the state to drum up support.
  3. A late third. Sen. Jim DeMint will be campaigning for Mitt Romney in Charleston on Tuesday afternoon. He’ll be at Romney’s campaign office on at 874 Orleans St. at 3:30. Hard to tell if the talking points are about Mitt bringing change to Washington or Mitt praying for change in the primaries. Maybe a little of both.