We haven’t received the police report yet, so we’re leaving the details vague at this point, but here is the story, as told to us by the car owner.

A woman was eating at a downtown restaurant Saturday and had paid for two hours of parking in a private lot nearby. After spending about two-and-a-half hours eating, she walked out to the parking lot to find that her friend’s car was being hoisted up on a tow truck.

The friend went over to negotiate the release of her car from the tow truck driver. Meanwhile, the woman got in her own car and tried to exit the parking lot to avoid getting towed herself. She says the tow truck driver saw that she was leaving and jumped on the side of her car, allegedly punching the driver’s side window as she continued to exit the parking lot.

His fist eventually broke through the window, blooding his own hand as glass was thrown into her knuckles and into her eye. She says he proceeded to grab at the steering wheel, jerking it from side to side as she pulled out onto the road.

She stopped the car and an officer pulled up who had apparently witnessed the incident, or at least the climax. The woman says that she was handcuffed and that officers told her that the tow truck driver had a “mechanic’s lien” on the car because it was in the lot over the time that she had paid for. She says that she was threatened with charges, but eventually released.

UPDATE: The tow truck driver says he was trying to get his hand free from the luggage rack as she was driving off.