[image-1]We try to focus on Charleston when it comes to these campaign stops, but we’ll make an exception when Usher shares the stage with Barack Obama not too far from here.

An Obama spokesman said Usher won’t perform at the event, but will speak about why he is supporting the Illinois senator.

It’s not the first time the singer has stumped for Obama. Usher first appeared at a rally for the senator in Atlanta back in September of last year.

“I stand here representing our youth,” he said at the time, reading from index cards. “If you want change you have to get involved.”

In light of the Obama campaign’s efforts to court young African-American voters here, the event’s location at South Carolina State University is not insignificant: it’s the state’s largest and oldest historically black university.

Update: Just learned Usher’s dad died Friday. I don’t know if that will impact his Orangeburg visit.