Trattoria Lucca’s Ken Vedrinski will be heading to New York City on May 22 to participate in the Regional Stars Dinner at the James Beard House.

Vedrinski has been invited to cook along with Chef Wally Joe of Acre in Memphis, Chef Celina Tio of Julian in Kansas City, Mo., Chef Don Yamauchi, Lucio Arancibia, and Pastry Chef Patricia Nash of MotorCity Casino in Detroit, and Farmer Lee Jones of The Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio.

All are considered a true culinary star in his or her own city, according to the Beard House. And from the looks of the menu, Vedrinski will be making Columbian River sturgeon involtini lambrusco with braised spring mushrooms.

If you think it might be easier to get a table at the Beard House than his tiny Trattoria on Bogard Street, tickets are $165 and can be booked online.