Vegans, get excited, Motobar is now open. The 487 King St. motorcycle-themed vegan restaurant officially opened its doors yesterday and is now offering breakfast and drinks this week. We’re told lunch and dinner service will begin next week. 

The narrow space has shed its USS Enterprise-L.I.F.E. Bar look for an industrial hipster-meets-Easy Rider feel. Vintage biker embellishments have been placed throughout: there’s a rusted motorcycle at the entrance stationed below a wall of helmets, a series of race flags hang on the ceiling, and a motorcycle parking sign hangs near the bar. A few banquettes are covered in an array of multi-pattern vinyl. And there are American flag fabric poofs for your more dainty bikers to sit on.

It’s dim inside, making it feel more like a place to overcome a hangover than a morning spot to munch on gluten-free Ozello Trail granola, but that’s just us. 

We grabbed a Wonderful 141 juice this morning to-go. The icy green blend of cucumber, kale, lime, pineapple, and green apple arrived in a red solo cup and we were pleasantly surprised with the flavor — sweet with a tangy kick. In fact, we’d gladly go back daily for the drink, but the price tag came to $7.50 (nearly our entire lunch money budget).

That said, breakfast plates like Italian polenta and Golden West tofu scramble are all under $9 and sides, like baby potatoes and tempeh, are $3. We didn’t get a look at the food — it was just us and one other patron at the bar — but if you’re a road weary vegan looking for a bite, Motobar is a cool looking place to chill, just don’t forget your wallet in your Triumph saddlebag.