Can’t Kids
The Tin Roof
July 21

Columbia-based four-piece the Can’t Kids brought a new sound with familiar vibes to the Tin Roof last Saturday night. The band played with heavy drums, spastic snare, and harmonic male/female vocals, each complementing the sound of the other. Band consisted of Jessica Oliver on drums and vocals, Adam Cullum on vocals and guitar, Henry Thomas on bass, and Amy Cuthbertson on cello (that’s right, cello).

The sound was energized, with waves of build-ups leading to loud and vibrant yells, fast drums, and frenzied guitar. Oliver has a voice that alternates between angelic, deep and soulful, and shouting female power vocals. And surprisingly enough, one could clearly hear her voice over the loud instruments, which is unusual at a club like the Tin Roof. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Cuthbertson’s cello, which was pretty much silenced throughout the entire set.

The band played songs about haunted houses and homeless people with Cullum at one point cryptically breaking out a fake head covered with aluminum foil. Thomas and Cullum played shoeless, and Oliver beat the drums while wearing a collared, Lolita-esque dress.

The music tread a seamless border between folk punk and indie rock, which generated a tense, upbeat crowd with no earthly clue how to dance to the songs. Of course, rocking back-and-forth to the Can’t Kids was plenty good enough while the band played their hearts out.