Remember Carrotmob? Back in April, the one-day community event drew a lot of hype and a lot of business to Queen Street Grocery. Organizer Jason M. Cronen (who’s also behind Green Drinks Charleston) created the event to reward businesses that are making socially responsible decisions — businesses like Queen Street Grocery.

The little store was filled throughout the day with customers buying drinks, hotdogs, T-shirts, and more, and at the end of the day QSG had tripled their best-ever Saturday on record. A portion of the profits were used to make the building more energy efficient.

“Our Charleston Carrotmob offered a simple way for businesses to make a broad impact, gain new customers, and build consumer loyalty — even in the face of difficult economic circumstances,” Cronen says. “We are already planning our next challenge set for this fall, exposing thousands of new supporters here in the Lowcountry to this idea.”

Local filmmaker Jason Nathanson of the Cut Company documented the whole thing, and you can watch his short film right here.

charleston carrotmob represent. from Justin Nathanson on Vimeo.