Charleston’s derby girls rolled into McAlister Field House on Saturday afternoon for March Badness, a doubleheader that marked the debut of the Lowcountry Highrollers’ new B-team, the Bruisin’ Betties. At 4:30, the Betties took to the flat track for a bout against Columbia’s Miss B-Havers, who proved to be a formidable opponent. At halftime, the Betties were down 35-13, and things didn’t get any better for them during the second half as the Miss B-Havers gave them a serious thumping. Final score: 90-30.

During the break between bouts, fans were treated to some music by The Defilers, and kids were invited onto the track for derby girl races. One little boy was seriously into it and had his hands on several derby girl rumps, as he pushed them around the track as fast as he could go.

The main event started at 6:30 when the LCHR All-Stars faced down the NRV Bruisin’ Burgs from Virginia. They ended up losing too (166 to 106), but not without giving their opponents some serious competition with heavy hitting and great jamming.

The next LCHR event is this Sunday night at The Mill in North Charleston, where Elvis will be hosting a Bingo night to help them raise money for future events and their chosen charity, the Charleston Area Children’s Garden Project.