The Coastal Carolina Fair rolled into town last weekend and with it came cooler temperatures, carny rides, and lots and lots of fried dough.

The highlight for the kinder set was Crazy Mouse, the silliest roller coaster this side of Carowinds, while the bigger kids strapped themselves into the Space Roller for 90 seconds of torturous, upside-down, vomitorious fun.

Speaking of vomit, we saw only one kid yak. It was on the Tornado, if you’re keeping track of rides you should avoid.

Other highlights of our trip to the far reaches of Ladson: watching ducklings waddle up a ramp and slide down into a puddle of water, winning a giant inflatable squeaky hammer, avoiding the Ricky Skaggs-watching crowd, eating fried Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Oreo cookies, petting gigantic bunny rabbits, and watching cloggers clog and cowboys ride bulls.

The Fair lasts through the weekend. Our advice: if you plan to go, get there early to avoid the traffic and the lines.