The following is an actual conversation that may or may have not taken place at the City Paper offices today:

CP 1: So, you may have heard that Gov. Nikki Haley stopped by FN Manufacturing on Friday to tour the Columbia area firearm manufacturer. Well, she got a chance to squeeze off a few rounds while she was there, taking some time to test out some of the handguns and rifles made at the plant.

CP 2: Pretty neat, but what else you got?

CP 1: While there, she wisecracked with reporters that the shooting session was a “stress reliever,” saying that she “imagined a lot of different people” while she blew off some steam. Who? “That’s my secret,” she remarked.

CP 2: Interesting… anything else?

CP 1: Um, yeah. Check out her tour guide’s tie.

CP 2: Alright, you’ve got us, gov.

Some highlights, in GIF-form: