Oasis Bar & Grill

Fri. Aug. 14

The Oasis has become one of the last venues in Charleston to bring consistently good punk and metal bands to town. Last Friday, they hosted a showcase of punk bands. The expansive parking lot was filled and inside was a mixed group of old-school punks and new-gen locals.

The 33’s had the floor packed with local fans. They always get a rowdy pit going. Does It Matter didn’t do as well with their poppier sound.

When Guttermouth cranked up, the crowd surged and was ready to get it going. Frontman Mark Adkins has been playing punk shows for around two decades now and he knows how to connect with the crowd. He launched right into a line of unpretentious SoCal punk numbers and got the beer soaked pit churning in a circle.

I’ve seen a lot of reunion tours, revival tours, and old-school bands with new faces. Sometimes they’re trying to make things just like they were in 1989. Guttermouth went beyond that and delivered a show that was about now. It was less about the uniform and more about the music. Adkins made an effort to connect with as many people as he could, sometimes grabbing them by the chin and yelling the words right in their face. He jumped out into the crowd a bunch of times and shared the mic while the pit slammed around him.

The pit was more old-school than the kids you see wilding out and doing karate moves now. Guys seemed to get picked up before they even hit the floor. A few drunks took it personally, but got spun out from the circle. The show was about that night, feeling alive, and connected to your tribe … like back in the day.