I’ve never really gotten into drugs, but I imagine that being on acid would feel something like Kulture Klash 7. The semi-annual art party once again took over 10 Storehouse Row with a diverse lineup of artists and entertainers spread all around the warehouse. This installment featured a water theme, and one of the main events was an “urban wakeboarding” demo that took place in an 80-foot makeshift pool in a side yard.

Although some attendees dressed up in cutesy nautical garb, the theme wasn’t as prevalent throughout the rest of the event. Colorful, flashing lights and a constantly changing soundtrack added to the trippy feel, and it seemed that there was something new and surprising around every corner, whether avant garde dancers, live graffiti artists, or a “VIP room” set up in a moving truck.

Social, Roti Rolls, and Roots Ice Cream  — we still can’t get over their “Coffee and Cigarettes” flavor — kept the crowd satiated. Those willing to brave the blinding fluorescent lights were treated to a packed art show with pieces from Carl Janes, Joel Parker, Scott Debus, and many others.

As the night progressed, the high school crowd thinned out and a party vibe took over. Things ended with an epic, muddy dance party that ruined my favorite pair of shoes. But that’s OK. Events like Kulture Klash are worth getting a little dirty for.

Here are some videos that Jonathan Stout shot of CUSSES and Shaniqua Brown.