Arriving at the Lowe’s parking lot Saturday night, the anticipation for the tenth annual Skinful Halloween party was palpable. Costumed guests stood chewing the fat, sizing one another up. There was the band of excited Chilean miners (Too soon? Naw.), two leftover Alan Garner characters from The Hangover, and, of course, the ubiquitous awkward white guy dressed as a pimp, attending solo. As the minutes ticked by, the crowd began to grow and get antsy. When the shuttle bus arrived there was a full-on bum rush for seats aboard.

Driving down Folly Road, chatter of Skinfuls Past made up the discussion. As the bus passed the actual Brick House restaurant and went way down the road to an abandoned warehouse, riders began to understand the sheer scale of the party awaiting them — more than 10 acres of laser-lit broken forest, complete with five stages, a cooler drop-off, food vendors, stilt walkers, body-painted exhibitionists, cat strippers, fire eaters, and seemingly the entire cast of Avatar.

While the location had a haunting appeal, the only screaming heard was from girls tripping in stilettos. That and the sudden moaning coming from a makeshift lean-to. Just around half past 10, we saw a couple going to pound town. Pound town incidentally happened to be just feet away from the zipline. That’s right, you two — we all saw it.

Needless to say, Skinful lived up to its name. Let us hope that this grand tradition continues to live on as a pre-Halloween Charleston institution.