Hands down, the kids at the opening of Cory Oberndorfer’s Novelty on Wednesday evening have the coolest parents in town. And more so if said parents allowed said kids to partake in the parade that Redux held on St. Philip and King streets.

With a police escort, the Lowcountry HighRollers led participants on all sorts of wheels, including roller skates and roller blades, bicycles, skateboards, strollers, and even a scooter girl gang (who were pretty freakin’ adorable). It might have been a serious leg injury waiting to happen; we definitely saw one boy take a spill, and an ambulance waited patiently outside the art gallery, just in case. The rollers had so much fun, they convinced the cops to let them do another lap around the block.

Sugar Bakeshop helped lead the parade with a popsicle stand, then sold their homemade frozen treats when it came to an end. Inside, the floor was painted with Candyland squares, and there were murals of monkeys and smaller pieces. My favorite was the wall-sized neapolitan painting of a derby girl.

The DJs and the open floor had the makings of a wicked dance party, but patrons were more content to eat Ring Pops than to get down. I was ready to bust a move, but whatevs. It’s still the most fun I’ve ever had at an art opening.