An article in Tuesday’s issue of The Post & Courier reported that Mt. Pleasant’s Village Playhouse’s lease would run out in August. We put a call in to artistic director Keely Enright, and we were relieved to find out that the theater’s lease is not running out and the company will complete its season as planned. Apparently the reporter just got a bit confused.

The company’s last lease with the Beach Company extends through Aug. 2012. Although Enright still isn’t sure what the next step will be for the theater, she says everything is moving along as planned. “Nothing that’s happening is new,” Enright says. “Everything’s moving forward nicely.”

A recent feasibility study, funded in part by the town of Mt. Pleasant, will help determine if the Village Playhouse can support a standalone facility on Coleman Blvd. Enright says there is no expectation for the town to provide funding for the project. Find out more about the Village Playhouse at