“Song of a Purple Man” from the album This World is on Fire
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When they’re not putting the freak-out vibe at such esteemed events as Atlanta’s “Corndog-o-rama” or giving the local music mags a hard time with their indefatigable rock noise, Georgia-based experimental combo Elevado stay busy getting weird with melody, rhythm, and noisy audio experiments.

Their wild ride began in Athens, Ga., where Justin Sias and his vocalist wife Kitty Snyder collaborated with must-instrumentalists Cain Wong, Mark Duca, David Sandridge, and Don Dudenhoeffer to produce Elevado’s 2003 debut, Occidental Oriental.

After relocating to Atlanta, they set up headquarters at The ISP Space (located next door to The EARL) and started hosting mixed-media exhibits, live performances, and sessions.

Elevado released their first two albums through Stickfigure Distribution and their own ISP label name. Their brand-new, self-produced studio album, This World Is on Fire, was assembled while on tour and features an electronic-splattered, experimental rock/pop effort with distorted guitars, programmed and live drum beats, live tracks, and downright disturbing vocal work.

This World Is on Fire is a journey into the psyche of a culture hell-bent on devouring everything around us for the purpose of self-preservation, only to find paradoxically, we end up destroying ourselves,” states Sias. “The wild and free at heart in the audience will dance to our songs. The intellectuals will stare and ponder, while everyone else will probably be confused.”

Sias, Wong, and Dudenhoeffer welcome guest player Justin Hughes to the stage Saturday night on a bill they share with Miken Pike and Closer.

“Cumberland’s has always been great to us,” says Sias. “We always have a few die-hard fans in the audience. I think we’ll have to stick to our standard dub-dance post-punk for them.” —T. Ballard Lesemann

Elevado headline at Cumberland’s (301 King St., (843) 577-9469) at 10 p.m. on Sat. Sept. 22, Cover is $5. Check out www.cumberlands.net and www.elevado.com for more.