How would one define Entropy’s groove-based sound and style of funk, as compared to modern and classic funk acts? Well, that’s a tough one…

“Someone once described us as the sexiest blend of old and new school funk happening in the South today,” offers drummer Rob Robinson.

Since forming in Athens, Ga., in 2000, Entropy have fiddled around with their rhythmic formula and instrumentation but consistently aimed for the same goals. This year, armed with a pile of jams from two studio albums, lead vocalist and keyboardist Rod Williams, guitarist Bryan “Slappy” Goodman, bassist Scott Jones, drummer Rob Robinson, and sax players Jailan Jagne and Myron “Hawk” Harvey hope to reach out far beyond their home base.

“When we started six years ago, we were an instrumental trio playing parties and small rooms,” Robinson says. “When Rod joined, he added the vocal element and put the focus on songwriting while keeping the music funky enough to light up the dance floor.”

In late ’04, Entropy released a debut studio album with a tight sound titled Live.Rebel.Funk.Love. The 14-song collection featured a guest performance from woodwind player Kofi Burbridge. Fans and critics in the Southeast picked up on the spacious grooves as the group made their way through the region — a success they hope to trump with their new album, Crawl.

Entropy headline on Fri. March 10 at the Pour House at 1977 Maybank Hwy. on James Island. Call 571-4343 or check www.charlestonpourhouse.com.