“Blood, Sweat and Murder” from the album Dirty Old One Man Band
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Austin’s Scott H. Biram is not especially forgiving to inanimate objects. The self-proclaimed “Dirty Old One Man Band” puts his guitar, microphone, harp, and kick drum through a crash course in sadism most nights, creating a stout brew of raunchy hillbilly swagger and naughty scuzz-blues.

Biram somehow survived a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler in 2003, and performed onstage in Austin a month later with an IV still attached to his arm. His Dirty Old One Man Band release followed in 2005. The brief-but-deadly album signaled Biram’s arrival with its full throttle, blues-warped man rock. If Motörhead decided to turn down the volume and crank out the blues, it would sound something like Biram’s “Blood Sweat and Murder” or “Wreck My Car.”

Biram released Graveyard Shift the following year. No real shifts in style or attitude were present, but why tamper with a beast that succeeds? The gnarly grind of tracks like “Plow You Under” and “Been Down Too Long” continued to find Biram howling, stomping, and treating his instruments all unmerciful-like.

In a recent message posted by Biram on his website, he states that his personal life has ventured somewhat off the rails within the past year, which may explain his recent lack of recorded output. “I think I’m on the outbound side of a pretty funky mental breakdown, and I’m feelin’ quite a bit better. Thanks to all my friends, family and fans for puttin’ up with me as I rode a whiskey-bent rollercoaster around for a good couple years,” reads the message.

In the meantime, Biram has re-released the homemade recordings that preceded his 2005 signing with Bloodshot Records on his website (www.scottbiram.com). It’s an encouraging sign, too, that Biram is returning to the stage still equipped with a voice that sounds about as sweet as turpentine splashed upon your willy. In this case, that somehow turns out to be a good thing. —Michael Andrews

Scott Biram performs at the Pour House (1977 Maybank Hwy., 843-571-4343) Tues. Dec. 9. Tickets are $12 day-of-show and $10 advance. Torture Town will open. Visit www.myspace.com/scotthbiram and www.charlestonpourhouse.com for more.