San Francisco-based band The Waybacks are an eclectic bluegrass/Americana act with a warm sound and a confident demeanor. Lead singer/guitarist Steve Coyle, drummer Chuck Hamilton, double bassist Joe Kyle, string player James Nash, and young fiddler Warren Hood (son of the late Uncle Walt’s Band vet, Champ Hood) — embrace multiple genres and “put their unique stamp on the lot.”

Their latest album is a groove-filled, perky 11-song collection titled From the Pasture to the Future. Roots Town Music Magazine recently pegged them as “a dream combination of punk vandalism and hyper-intelligent, seldom heard, humoristic musicality.” Punkish hillbilly rock? West Coast roots revivalists? Something like that…

“The hardest question we’re ever asked is, ‘What kind of music do you play?'” says Coyle. “We just throw our hands up and say, ‘What kind of music do you like?’ We’re kinda like the weather in Hawaii — if you don’t dig it, wait five minutes and something else will be coming along the pipe!”

The group was on the road with Bob Weir (of Ratdog, The Grateful Dead) last fall. They recently hit the Wakarusa Festival in Kansas before heading into the Deep South for a string of more intimate June concerts.

“Even if you’ve heard The Waybacks recently, come hear us again soon,” they say. “We have lots of material that’s even newer than the new material we had bragged about in a recent, particularly-braggy newsletter. We’ve always agreed with folks like Johnny Rotten and E. Howard Hunt, that ‘rehearsal is for sissies.’ But, seeing as how we had a couple of gig-free days scheduled on the front end of a recent tourette of the San Francisco Bay area, we all sat down and, fueled by Pop Tarts and Tang, doggone if we didn’t come up with a whole slew of new music.” —T. Ballard Lesemann

Sun Coast Promotions presents The Waybacks with opening act Doug Jones on Wed. June 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Footlight Players Theatre (20 Queen St., 722-4487). Tickets are $25. See and for more.