“Can’t You See” from the album The Marshall Tucker Band
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“Crash Into Me” from the album Crash
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North Charleston’s Fourth of July festivities at Riverfront Park features Spartanburg’s very own Marshall Tucker Band as the headlining act with support from jazz/soul combos Ann Caldwell & Loose Fit, Oscar Rivers, and vintage rock act The Drifters.

The Dave Matthews Band headlines their own Fourth of July concert downtown at the Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park with support from Old Crow Medicine Show. They kicked off their summer tour in late May behind a yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album.

Both headliners fall under the “jam band” musical umbrella — but which one rocks the most? Using official music room criteria, City Paper measures the rock-o-metric value of each with this side-by-side comparison. The Dave Matthews Band squeaks by as the most rockin’.


The Dave Matthews Band

1. They’re currently wrapping a session with producer Rob Cavallo. Longtime colleague Tim Reynolds added guitar tracks to the album as well. (12 points)

2. Drummer Carter Beauford is revered for his complex, powerful, ambidextrous technique. He has an instructional video titled Under The Table & Drumming. (15 points)

3. Dave Matthews recently issued a statement endorsing Barack Obama for president. (10 points)

4. Many of the DMB’s hits feature lengthy saxophone solos. (16 points)

5. There actually is a “Dave Matthews” in the Dave Matthews Band. (20 points)

6. Their highest-reaching single on the pop charts was 2002’s “Where Are You Going,” which reached No. 3. (19 points)

7. Their hairstyles are a mix of urban/jazzy chic and collegiate-preppy, while their headgear is tams and ski caps. (8 points)

8. Before launching his musical career, Matthews worked in Charlottesville, Va., as a bartender at Miller’s Bar. (10 points)

9. Their video for “Everyday” features a slob in a yellow cap and a red T-Shirt walking the streets of Charlottesville, hugging strangers and members of the band. (4 points)

10. The Dave Matthews Band’s status as a jam band overlaps the “New College Campus Hippie Rock” and “New Generation” categories. (11 points)

TOTAL: 125

The Dave Matthews Band shares the stage with Old Crow Medicine Show at 7 p.m. on Fri. July 4 downtown at the Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park (360 Fishburne St.). The event is already sold out. Visit www.crowmedicine.com and www.davematthewsband.com for more.


The Marshall Tucker Band

1. Shout Factory recently released Marshall Tucker Band’s DVD/CD live set Carolina Dreams Tour ’77. (10 points)

2. Original drummer Paul T. Riddle — in MTB from 1973 to 1983 — lives in Spartanburg, where he owns the drumstick-making Carolina Stick Company and plays in a band called Throbber. (8 points)

3. When the Dixie Chicks were set to open the U.S. leg of their world tour in 2003, the MTB participated in an “anti-Chicks Concert.” (minus 5 points)

4. Many Marshall Tucker Band hits feature mild flute solos. (2 points)

5. There is no “Marshall Tucker” in The Marshall Tucker Band. (12 points)

6. The Marshall Tucker Band’s highest-reaching single on the pop charts was 1977’s “Heard It in a Love Song,” which reached No. 18. (9 points)

7. They prefer polyester suits, mullets, beards, and cowboy hats. (15 points)

8. Before launching his musical career, lead singer Doug Gray — the only original member still playing the band — served in Vietnam and worked in a bank. (15 points)

9. Their video for the 1976 instrumental “Long Hard Ride” shows the members of the band dressed as Wild West gunslingers, wrestling in the mud and squaring off for shoot-outs in a ghost town. (16 points)

10. The Marshall Tucker Band stands tall in the “Classic Southern Longhair Rock” category. (25 points)

TOTAL: 107

The Marshall-Tucker Band headlines at the Riverfront Park (1001 Everglades Drive) in North Charleston on Fri. July 4. Music starts at 3 p.m. The event is free of charge. Visit www.marshalltucker.com and www.northcharleston.org for more.