From music critic Lindsay Koob:

Intermezzo II packed listeners into Grace Church like sardines on Monday, while mournful wannabe-theres were turned away in droves outside – pianist Andrew von Oeyen is always a big draw. This was quite the

contrast from last year, when he played one of Rachmaninoff’s drippy and spectacular romantic concertos. [image-1]

The Haydn and Mozart concertos he performed this time – while conducting from the keyboard – sparkled and shimmered with period grace; this guy can play anything, and beautifully. We even got to hear him spontaneously improvise his own cadenzas in the Haydn – common practice for classical-era virtuosos (Mozart did it all the time). Well, at least he can relax, now that the pressure’s off, and enjoy the rest of the festival. I hope for a Tuesday visit from him at Millennium Music downtown. If it’s gonna happen, youll read it here first. –LK